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"Thank you again

for all your help...

I can't imagine how

any of this fast

paced move would

have happened

without you!"

~ Move Management Client

"We just got an offer

on the house - I am

pleased as we just

put it on the market

5 days ago! Thank

you for all you did

to get us to this


~ A Home Staging Client

"You did a fantastic

job today!

Everything looks

great and I love

how much space we

have now. All the

rooms have a much

fresher and lighter

feel to them. I

appreciate all of

your time and


~ A Home Staging Client
Home Staging Services

  • Real Estate Staging for new and existing properties
  • Staging budget development
  • Reuse of existing furnishings & rental furniture placement
  • Accessorizing & preparation for real estate marketing photos
How many times have you listed a home that can best be described as having “potential”?

Realtors and home owners alike have so much on their plates that they are simply not in a position to spend time making a home look its best, or lack the skills. Many homeowners who have their best intentions are simply overwhelmed by the task or are unsure where to begin. Now, as the market begins to cool it is more important than ever that a home looks its best. This will ensure that it will stand out from others on the market, sell for the highest possible price, and sell quickly.

Stewart Design Group is able to bring its years of experience and many professional resources to the table, so that key listings meet their FULL POTENTIAL.

(Roll over image to right for before & after!)

If the project is simply a paint consultation or other consultation, we bill by the hour.The process of engaging our services starts with a phone call to discuss your requirements and schedule an on site meeting from there, we develop a project proposal and typically work on a fixed fee basis.

Home Staging Portfolio


How Realtors Benefit from Staging

Home stagers are an objective third party giving the homeowners an unbiased professional opinion of their home. We can diplomatically be the bearers of any “bad news”, which take the listing agent out of this role! By offering staging services at the listing presentation realtors have another way to set themselves apart from other agents competing for the listing. Staging that includes the exterior of the home brings more potential buyers through the door of a home which otherwise wouldl have been just a “drive by”.

An attractive home – inside and out – sells in a more timely fashion and, ultimately, results in a faster sale. This reduces the agent’s time investment and overall advertising expenses. Most importantly, a staged home usually sells for a higher price than it would have in its original condition.

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