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We, at Stewart Design Group, provide high quality, creative Interior Design and Real Estate Staging services for both commercial and residential clients. We manage the entire design process from design concept to complete project management. We readily understand client preferences and are able to translate them into specific design suggestions that meet both functional and aesthetic needs. We can do this because we use a proprietary Visual Exercise that guides the design process. We are also able to do quick on-site sketches to convey design ideas to clients, and thus gain consensus on design directions and decisions. Our staging business is a natural outgrowth of our design business skills. We respond quickly to understand market timing needs, staging budget constraints, and seller needs. We have worked almost exclusively for high-end residential brokerage offices that focus on luxury homes and integrate staging as part of their marketing strategy.

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"Dear Cathleen,
Thank you so much for all your help picking out furniture and fabric and everything else for our new home in Concord. You have made the process much more streamlined, and fun. I can't wait to call you again and work on some more design ideas for our new house!"

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